TERRAFORMARS : Character introducing TV spots released!

TERRAFORMARS animation, which starts this friday announced the character introducing TV spots! We love the way they say ” Human vs the Bugs! Which ever loses is the Pest!”

1st Character TV spot : Shokichi Komachi(Komachi’s powers are based on the Asian giant hornet, giving him enhanced strength and the ability to inflict lethal doses of poison with his stings.)

Asian Giant Hornet (source:wikipedia)
terraformars 1

2nd Character TV spot : Michelle K. Davis(Michelle’s power is based on Paraponera whcih gives her formidable strength and durability allowing her to sustain hits from the roaches and crush them easily. Also the powers of the Blast Ant, that give her the ability of exploding her enemies after a couple seconds like a bomb.)

Paraponera clavata(source: wikipedia)
Blast Ant(source:wikipedia)
terraformars 3

Also the 1st TV spot in case you missed it!

Is this badass anime going to be one of your pick this fall?

source: TERRAFORMARS official

source: nandakaomosiroi