PARASYTE : Migi gets more and more of his new goodies line-up!!!

Anime-series and the live action movie of PARASYTE will start soon! Migi, the little alien on the right hand has so many things to offer you! Here is a whole new line-up of his products.
Find anything you want?

Rubber Coin Case
parasyte migi 1

parasyte migi 3


Key Case
parasyte migi4

parasyte migi5


Wet Coin Case
parasyte migi6

parasyte migi7


parsyte migi 8


Pin Badge
parasyte migi 9


parasyte migi 11


Tatoo Sticker
parasyte migi 12

parsyte migi 13


Magnet Sheet
parasyte migi 14

parasyte migi 15


copy right: Iwaaki Hitoshi/Kodansha

source:root buzz