Manga-Anime Guardians Project : Collaboration artwork of Luffy, Naruto, Conan, Kirito, Eren & more!!!

A rare collaboration artwork of the famous anime-characters was released on the web!


As you can see, Luffy, Naruto, Conan, Kirito, Eren all in one picture looking at the Colossus Titan on the monitor!!! This artwork is on the website of the Japanese government’s Manga-Anime Guardians Project. They have launched a new promotional campaign called “Join Us, Friends.” The way to support the campaign is simple, just push the “join” button on the site and share the informiation with others via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The number of “join”s will release a new character on to this artwork. It is planned to display up to 20 characters!!

Who do you want to join the club???

Official site of MAG project