ATTACK ON TITAN : Armin Arlert is a “GIRL” says the author Hajime Isayama ?!

DId you know that Armin Arlert from ATTACK ON TITAN was a girl???

A Q&A with ATTACK ON TITAN’s author Hajime Isayama on BESSATSU SHONEN MAGAINE November issue, which started the sale yesterday, reveals this surprising information!!!

From Bessatsu Shonen Magazine
Q: Which girl in the 104th Training Corps, is closest friend with Mikasa? (from a fan)
A: It is Armin (from Hajime Isayama)

Is it true? Do we have to re-check the whole story again?
Marina Inoue, who does the voice of Armin, answers nicely to this question on her twitter.
“It seems that Mikasa’s impression of Armin is vague.”

Does this mean that although Armin is a boy, Mikasa treats him as a girl friend? In any case, we are sure that we will be getting more and more Fan-art of Armin dressed as a girl because of this information!!!

What do you think?